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Forget the old.. Welcome the new and improved!


We have worked side by side with other POS companies since 1992  through credit card systems. With technology merging to the next generation of the cash register, credit cards and additional features, this is a good fit for us. What really sets us apart is our concept of a complete future proof Point-of-Sale System. Complete means you can concentrate on your business, not the technology. We do not just sell you hardware and software and then leave you at the mercy of some tech support phone number in another country. 

First, our solutions are truly "complete", meaning we take the time to install and configure the software on your new POS computer. Second, we offer complete network construction and software configuration so your system can be ready to use right out of the box. Third, we offer comprehensive on-line and in-person, personal one-on-one training from trainers that not only know the software but know point-of-sale and business management. Choosing a POS solution is an extremely important decision for every retailer or organization, and our experienced sales staff are ready to consult with you.

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